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Feature-rich tool to compare and convert dates among 26 calendars systems
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Regardless of the nature of their interest in calendars and dates, every user will surely have a reason to regard Calendar Magic as a curious, interesting, or even an indispensable tool. With 26 historic and current calendars to choose from, compare, and convert between, this feature-rich free tool will solve all your doubts about dates, years, festivals, etc. The program includes a wide range of extra utilities, including an event reminder and a “quick notes” tool.

Be it from a scientific point of view or simply out of curiosity, Calendar Magic has something for everyone. From finding out on what day of the week you were born to the equivalent of a specific date on the Aztec or Mayan calendars, this excellent and really interesting tool can provide you with the right answer in just a few clicks. The list of features, functions, and utilities is truly exhaustive, and it ranges from accurate calendar comparisons and conversions to curiosities like knowing how long it’d take to collect all 14 possible Gregorian calendars. It also goes from lists of past and future dates for the most popular festivals in the most widespread religions to a “This is your life” section to know more about the day of the week you were born, your “Chinese age” or the day of the week of your next birthday. The possibilities are endless, and so are the tools and utilities Calendar Magic provides.

On a more practical note, you will also find a “World clocks” section to find out the current time in any other time zone, a countdown timer, a utility to take and save notes, a reminder section for all your important events, a unit converter, a tool to find the distance between any two of up to 18000 locations across the world, and many, many more. On a more scientific note, you will also find a wide selection of mathematical tools, such as a fraction calculator, a statistics calculator, an equation solver, a prime calculator, a number base converter, an Egyptian fraction calculator, a currency converter, and even a method for solving the Travelling Salesman problem.

As said, Calendar Magic has something for everyone. This absolutely free tool is one of those rara avis software programs that perfectly combines the best of two worlds – the world of science and calendar studies from the most accurate and rigorous point of view and the world of anecdote and intriguing curiosities. Either way, this is certainly a tool that is always nice to have at hand.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Extended range of features and extra utilities
  • Set of mathematical tools
  • Up to 26 historic and current calendars
  • Events reminder and note-taking tool


  • No drawbacks found during the review
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